8 Xiamen locally inspired gifts to give to the folks back home

Updated: 23 Feb 2011
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During holiday seasons you may quite possibly be making a trip back home, wherever home may be. If that's the case, then most likely your friends and family will be expecting you to return laden with treasures from Xiamen. Here are some gift ideas that are sure to please even the pickiest relatives on your gift list.
Xiamen is one of the five special economic zones in China; it is also a well-known tourist and port city on the southeast coast of China. Xiamen not only owns charming scenery, but also has many precious specialties and resources which consist of a wide variety of products such as lacquer thread carvings, bead embroidery, dried meat floss, peanut brittle, pies and lancelets. These are all definitely well-known and perfect gifts and souvenirs for your relatives and friends. Do not miss out!
Lacquer Thread Carving (漆线雕)
Lacquer thread carving (LTS) is one of the best wonders in Xiamen and has more than 300 years of history. The unique techniques only exist in minnan areas. In the year of 2006, the art of lacquer thread sculpture in Xiamen was listed as a national intangible heritage of China. The main material of lacquer thread sculpture is made by natural plants, with fine workmanship and a refined, clear image, simple and elegant style with a lifelike vivid picture. The techniques are esoteric; time needed for processing a product takes about a few months or even several years of professional production time. Nowadays, LTS is a national gift sent to overseas guests. It is the top handicraft choice for business gifts, and home and office decoration, not only for its treasure, but also for its glorious look and style.

Xiamen Bead Embroidery(珠绣)
Xiamen bead embroidery has been famous for eye-catching handicraft for over 100 years for its unique style. Nowadays, bead embroidery is used to make slippers that mostly draw from traditional folk auspicious patterns, such as dragon themes, peony, lotus, and yuanyang. The Xiamen bead embroiders slippers factory exports its products to Asia, Europe and over 50 countries. Bead embroidery would be another great handmade gift choice for international friends. 
Pearls and Pearl Jewelry (珍珠及饰品)
Pearls and pearl jewelry are Xiamen specialties. When traveling to Xiamen, most tourists will like to buy some pearl jewelry for themselves or for their friends. Gulangyu Island has lots of stores selling pearls and pearl jewelry, and Xiamen Gulangyu Pearl World is one of the most popular stores favoured by expats. 
Xiamen Pies (厦门馅饼)
Xiamen Pie is hailed as the most well-known specialty in Xiamen. The pies can be divided into two kinds, the sweet pie and the salty pie. Sweet pie is the crisp skin with green bean filling while the salty pie has meat filling. It combine delicious and healthy characteristics and is also good with tea. This is definitely the right gift choice!
Gulangyu Dried Meat Floss (鼓浪屿肉松,肉干) 
With a history of over 100 years, the dried meet floss is absolutely one of the representative specialties on Gulangyu Island, Xiamen. The product is rich in nutrition, tasty and delicious. It's convenience features are suitable for children and elder people and are also a great gift for relatives, friends and always the must-buy specialty for tourists. There are various flavours of fried meat floss, including pork floss and beef floss. On Gulangyu Island, these are two most popular brands to purchase: Gulangyu Huangshengji Dried Meat Floss (黄胜记肉松) and Huangjinxiang Dried Meat Floss (黄金香肉松).
Peanut Brittle (花生糖) 
Peanut Brittle, also called Gong Tang (贡糖),  is a famous and traditional specialty in Xiamen and Kinmen. To make this specialty, peanuts are first deshelled and roasted for half an hour. Then they are crunched with preheated, liquefied sugar. After cooling off, the large bars are cut into small pieces. The main characteristic is melt-in-the-mouth and is good to have with tea.  
Lancelet (文昌鱼) 
Lancelet is the famous and precious specialty of Xiamen, whose popular name is crocodile worm, also called amphioxus. Its leading place of origin is Liuwudian in Tong'an District, Xiamen. The Xiamen lancelet is small in size, 5-6 cm at most. It takes four to five thousand of them for one kilogram. Semi-transparent with both head and tail being sharp, it is the high-class fish, whose flesh is tender and fresh which makes one's mouth water. The dry ones can be kept for 1-2 years. It is an ideal souvenir for tourists. 
Pork Paste with Mushroom (香菇肉酱)    
The product is made of 12 raw materials and auxiliary products such as fresh pork, high-quality beans, black mushroom chili, onion bulbs, and garlic. Characterized by its golden yellow colour, refined paste, and rich aroma, it is palatable and nutritious, and is a rare and prized canned appetite food. 
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