8 tips on how to identify fake RMB banknotes

Updated: 05 Mar 2011
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Pictures of renminbi
(Take the 2005 Edition of the fifth series of RMB banknote as an example)
Chinese money has these main anti-counterfeit money features. The ways to identify fake money are by the colour change, watermark, texture, paper, and the braille dots.
For those Xiamen expatriates who have little knowledge on the issue and have no chance of identifying the real ones from the fake ones, below are a few observations for expats to master.

There are 8 tips for you to distinguish fake notes:
1. Series Number and safety line 
The colour of the series number varies markedly through dark red to black and the character tends to get smaller from the middle to the two sides.
Moreover, the magnetic line on a real banknote is complete while that of a fake one is intermittent.
2. Optically Variable Ink 
The colour of a 100 note will turn blue or green alternatively. Look at the white space, there is a green 100 sign in the left corner. When looking flat at this sign, it is green. When the bill is tilted upwards, and you are looking at the sign, and from the bottom up the 100 turns blue. This is a real bill. But if when you tilt the bill upwards the symbol is only dark green, then it is a fake bill.
3. Watermark 
When holding the bill up against light and pivoting the banknote horizontally and slowly, there is an invisible watermark of 100 in this area.
4. The Texture of the picture of Chairman Mao 
Hold the bill in your hand and rub your thumb gently against the collar on the big picture of Chairman Mao. You will notice a difference in texture on his collar. You will only feel it if you rub gently. If the paper is completely smooth, without any texture, you are holding a counterfeit!

Moreover, rub the braille dots at the lower right corner, you can feel the bumps in these areas on a real banknote, but on a fake one, they can not be felt.
5. The difference of "100" 
On the top right hand corner, there is a 100 sign, just overlapping a little below the 100, there is a oval design. If you turn this design up, so you are looking up from the bottom, then place it so that light shines on it, you will see a very faint "100" on the oval. It is just slightly raised on a real bill. In the fakes, the 100 is either not there, or is very difficult to see.
6. Two semicircles are perfectly aligned 
When holding the bill up against light, below the serial number there is a red and blue symbol inside a red circle, the two semicircles on both sides are joined together forming a complete circle or else they overlap just very slightly. In the fake bills the symbol is distorted. The red and blue sections are not aligned, one is usually a little higher than the other and often there is either a white space between their boundaries or they overlap unevenly. 
7. Offset Microfilm Text 
At the top left of the note, under a Magnifier glass, you will be able to see many 100RMB.

8. Last but not least, take the bill the long way up in your hands and kind of ruffle it in your hands. The sound should be clear and distinct. In the fake ones, the sound is muffled. But this is the most difficult to identify, since many of the bills are very old and worn, and that will affect the sound it produces.
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