Summer Solstice or Xia Zhi: the longest day of the year

Updated: 21 Jun 2011
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The China's traditional Summer Solstice or Xia Zhi (夏至) falls between 21st or 22nd June every year. It has the longest day and shortest night of the year and marks the first day of the summer in the northern hemisphere. The hottest time of the year will soon come.

The summer solstice falls on the 22nd of June this year. Besides, the shortest shadow is found on the day of summer solstice. There is a saying: "After eating noodles on the summer solstice day, daylight gets shorter day by day" (吃过夏至面,一天短一线).
Moreover, there's another saying that goes like this: "Eat wontons for the winter solstice and eat noodles for the summer solstice" (冬至馄饨夏至面).
In Xiamen, local people still observe an ancient tradition of eating noodles on the day of summer solstice. In addition, when it comes to the day of summer solstice, it's better to eat light, more fruits and vegetables in order to keep the body from overheating, stimulate appetite and detoxify the body!

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