Popular dessert shops in Xiamen

Updated: 06 Jul 2011
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Summer is coming and ice cream, sherbet and shaved ice will definitely cool you down. WOX has provided a list of some popular dessert shops in Xiamen for your reference.
1. Honeymoon Dessert Robinson Shopping Mall  (厦门满记甜品罗宾森店)
Manji Xiamen
Hong Kong Honeymoon Dessert Group established its first shop in Hong Kong in 1995 and now has developed into a renowned dessert chain store from a home-style dessert shop popular among local customers, especially the young generation of Hong Kong, and it has won the respect and appreciation from domestic customers and foreign tourists. Now Honeymoon Dessert has established its exclusive brand name in the dessert field. The Xiamen Store opened on 15 January, 2011, which is located in the Robinson Shopping Mall.
Xiamen Manji dessert
The most popular dessert in Honeymoon Dessert is the Mango Pomelo & Sago Sweet Soup with Ice-cream. Don't miss out!
Store Location
Add: S1-17D.E of Robinson Shopping Mall, No.885 of Xiahe Road, Xiamen /厦门市厦禾路885号罗宾森购物广场一楼S1-17D.E
Tel: 0592-5887298
2. Si Li Mei Snack Bar(斯利美休闲站)
Silimei Xiamen
The favorite at this shop is the series of shaved ice and sherbet, among which the mango shaved ice is the most popular flavor in the shop and it's especially tasty during hot weather.
Add: No.9-3, Hexiang West Road, Siming District /思明区禾祥西路9-3号
Tel: 0592-2285958, 2213246
3. Häagen-Dazs (哈根达斯)
Haagen-Dazs  Xiamen
At present, they have two stores in Xiamen. Though specializing in ice cream, they are also serve coffee, hot chocolate, dessert and cakes.
Xiamen Paragon Centre Store (厦门磐基中心店)
Add: G-12B, Ground Floor, Paragon Centre, No.199, Jiahe Road, Siming District/ 思明区嘉禾路199号磐基中心G层G-12B
Tel: 0592-5127977
SM Lifestyle Center Store (SM新生活广场店)
Add: Shop B105, Ground Floor, Sapphire Building, SM lifestyle Center, Xiamen /厦门SM新生活广场蓝宝石首层B105商铺
Tel: 0592-5081366
4. Dairy Queen (冰雪皇后)
Dairyqueen Xiamen
There are many flavors you can add and mix and match. They also offers shakes, malts, banana splits, and many other ice cream treats. Make sure to try their famous "Blizzard" ice cream dessert.
1) DQ Longtou Store (冰雪皇后龙头路店)
Add: No. 11, Longtou Road, Gulang Island, Xiamen /厦门鼓浪屿龙头路11号
Tel: 0592-2513927

 2) DQ RT Mart Store (冰雪皇后大润发店)
Add: Underground mall across from the RT Mart within the Art and Science museum buildings square, at B1 F, RT-MART, No. 95 Tiyu Road /思明区体育路95号大润发购物广场内(近文化艺术中心)
Tel: 0592-3110592
5. New Zealand Nature (纽芝兰冰淇淋店)
New Zealand nature in Xiamen
New Zealand Natural has been making fine ice cream since 1984, and the brand is found in 23 countries worldwide and has a distinctive character that is easily identifiable in the ice cream and smoothie market. Xiamen has one store on Zhongshan Pedestrian Street. Don't miss it!
Store Location
Add: No. 148, Zhongshan Pedestrian Street, Xiamen /厦门市中山路步行街148号
Tel: 0592-2028031 
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alexynne Commented on 12 Jul 2011
DQ still remains number one in my list of fave desserts!
alexynne Commented on 12 Jul 2011
I've tried Si Li Mei Snack Bar, their mango shaved ice is the best!!!