Admission fees of tourist attractions on Gulangyu Island

Updated: 03 Aug 2011
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Bird's eye view of Gulangyu Island
A bird's eye view of Gulangyu Island, Xiamen
Gulangyu Island is one of the most attractive places in Xiamen and is only about 6 minutes away from Xiamen Island by ferryboat. The island is renowned for its natural beauty, ancient relics, and its varied architecture.

Gulangyu has many tourist attractions on the island, you can buy entrance tickets at each ticket office of the tourist attractions, or you can buy a through ticket (联票) to the island’s main sights for RMB100, which is only valid for 24 hours. It includes the five following scenic spots on Gulangyu Island, and it can save you RMB35. Besides, you can order the through ticket on the Internet for RMB90.

WOX has provided the admission fees of main tourist attentions on Gulangyu Island for your reference.

1. Sunlight Rock (日光岩)
Admission: RMB 60/person
Note: If you visit between 05:30-07:00 and 18:00-20:00, you can get the ticket for half price (RMB30), but you can’t use the through ticket and cablecar, bainiao yuan (百鸟园) or bird’s garden and Zheng Chenggong memorial hall (郑成功纪念馆) are not included.

2. Shuzhuang Garden (菽庄花园)
Admission: RMB30/person

3. Haoyue Garden (皓月园)
Admission: RMB15/person

4. International Character Engraving Art Gallery (国际刻字馆)
Admission: RMB10/person

5. Organ Museum (风琴博物馆)
Admission: RMB20/person

Other attractions are listed as follows:

1. Hai Tian Tang Gou (海天堂构)
Admission: RMB60/person

2. Xiamen Underwater Sea World (海底世界)
Admission: RMB70/adult

3. World Celebrity Wax Museum (世界名人馆)
Admission: RMB50/person

Contact Information:
Ticket office operating hours: 08:15-15:00
Travel enquiry: 0592-2060777
Official ticket booking: (Chinese only)
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