It's Hallowe'en...a popular Western tradition

Updated: 10 Oct 2011
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Halloween Pumpkin-Jack-o'-lantern


Hallowe’en like many other western holidays (Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving) draws its traditions and folklore from many sources, with some tradition going back thousands of years. It is generally accepted that the name “Hallowe’en” comes from the different celebrations held in early November; “All saints day” and “All souls” days were celebrated on November 1 and 2 respectively. These festivals honored the souls of the dead and were popular in Medieval Europe.


Irish immigrants have been credited with bringing the holiday to the United States in the 1800’s. Although it didn’t become popular in the United States until the 1930’s. 


 2010 WOX Hallowe'en costume party

 2010 WOX Hallowe'en costume party at the Havana Club in Haiwan park, Xiamen


 2010 WOX Hallowe'en costume party   2010 WOX Hallowe'en costume party


 2010 WOX Hallowe'en costume party


 2010 WOX Hallowe'en costume party 


 2010 WOX Hallowe'en costume party 


No one is absolutely sure where the practice of “trick or treating" originated. Some have credited the practice to the medieval custom of “souling”, where people went door to door asking for food, and others have attributed it to the Irish custom of tipping over outhouses and the pulling of other pranks. In either case the custom of dressing up in a costume and going from house to house asking for treats has turned Hallowe'en in to the second largest commercial holiday after Christmas.


Almost twenty-five percent of all the candy purchased and consumed in the United States happens around October 31. Snickers bars have been the most popular treat at Hallowe'en. Other notable favorites are popcorn balls and caramel apples.


Xiamen has its very own Hallowe'en tradition as well. The annual WOX Hallowe'en costume party on Friday, 28th October at the Havana Club in Haiwan park. Festivities will begin around 8:00 pm and continue to the early hours of the mornings.




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XMren Commented on 04 Nov 2011
@Missingbenight: I confess, I went there and had fun :P
Penny_XM Commented on 27 Oct 2011
Checking the first picture has recalled me last year i also took photos with an old couple who held a plate of human legs with bloody in Ocean Park !! I was shocked at first when i am on the way to Ocean express!! cool!!
Missingbenight Commented on 11 Oct 2011
My friends and I indeed had great fun at last year's halloween party. Why don't you come and check out if you haven't got a chance to attend this event, XMren???
XMren Commented on 10 Oct 2011
That said, everyone is free to attend 2011 WOX Halloween party and I hope they will have fun there ! :D
XMren Commented on 10 Oct 2011
I just want to mention that Halloween is NOT a Western tradition.
It is actually a tradition in very few Western countries and has become in several other countries a trendy celebration for teenagers, as a part of American pop culture influence on the world. Still, many Western countries do not consider it as a national celebration.