Entrance fees for Fujian Tulou & Fare of sightseeing bus

Updated: 14 Dec 2011
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Fujian Tulou buildings are mainly distributed in Nanjing and Hua'an of Zhangzhou, and Yongding in Longyan. The charged scenic spots and sight-seeing buses approved by the government are as follows.




Charged tourist attractions

Price(per person)

Main tourist attractions



Tianluokeng Earthen Building Complex


Buyun Building步云楼 Zhenchang Building振昌楼 Ruiyun Building瑞云楼 Hechang Building和昌楼 Wenchang Building文昌楼 Tian luo keng tu lou viewing platform田螺坑土楼群观景台、Tian luo keng natural village田螺坑自然村 Jiangcuo Hall江厝堂 Yuchang Building裕昌楼(俗称歪楼)、
Taxia Village
塔下村 Deyuan Hall德远堂、Fujian and Taiwan film base闽台影视基地

Sightseeing bus in Tianluokeng


Tourists can enjoy the whole Tianluokeng scenic spot at their own choice.

Yun Shui Yao ancient town


Hegui Building和贵楼、Huaiyuan Building怀远楼、Yun Shui Yao Gu Dao云水谣古道、Fujian and Taiwan film base闽台影视基地 Yun Shui Yao film base云水谣影视基地、Guangju Building广居楼、 Cuimei Building翠美楼、Jinshi Building进士楼

Sightseeing bus in Yun Shui Yao Ancient Town


Tourists can enjoy the whole Yun Shui Yao ancient town at their own choice .



Hekeng Earthen Building Complex


Chaoyong Building Building朝永楼、Yangzhao Building阳照楼、Yongsheng Building永盛楼、Shengqing Building绳庆楼、Yongrong Building永荣楼、
Yonggui Building
永贵楼、Yuchang Building裕昌楼、Chungui Building春贵楼、Dongsheng Building东升楼、Xiaochun Building晓春楼、
Yongqing Building
永庆楼、Yuxing Building裕兴楼、Nanxun Building南熏楼



Hua'an Dadi Tulou Complex


Eryi Building二宜楼、Dongyang Building东阳楼、Nanyang Building南阳楼、
Folk Custom Museum



Tulou Folk Culture Village


Hongkeng Hakka Earthern Building Complex洪坑土楼群:Zhencheng Building振成楼、Fuyu Building福裕楼、Kuiju Building奎聚楼、Rusheng Building如升楼、Guangyu Building光裕楼、Fuxing Building福兴楼、Qingcheng Building and Jingyang Building庆成楼和景阳楼、Yucheng Building玉成楼、Chaoyang Building朝阳楼 Folk Story Recreational Area 民间故事娱乐场、Tianhou Temple天后宫

Gaobei Earthen Building Complex


Chengqi Building承启楼、Shize Building世泽楼、Wuyun Building五云楼、Qiaofu Building侨福楼

Zhenfu Building (Nanxi)


Zhenfu Building振福楼、Yanxiang Building衍香楼、Huanji Building环极楼

Chuxi Earthen Building Complex


Chuxi Hakka Earthern Building Complex初溪土楼群:Jiqing Building 集庆楼、Yuqing Building 余庆楼、Shengqing Building 绳庆楼、Huaqing Building 华庆楼、Gengqing Building 庚庆楼、Xiqing Building 锡庆楼、Fuqing Building 福庆楼、Gongqing Building 共庆楼、Fanqing Building 藩庆楼、Shanqing Building 善庆楼;Chuxi Waterfall初溪瀑布;Hakka Folk Treasure Museum客家民俗珍品馆;Hakka food street客家美食一条街

Other Tulou buildings not included above are free of charge, but only the first floor and surrounding area are available for visit.





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