Use BRT Line 3 to go Xmas & New Year shopping in Xiamen

Updated: 20 Dec 2011
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Xiamen BRT line3

BRT (Bus Rapid Transit)  line 3 takes you to Xiamen’s major shopping districts and makes it easy and convenient for you to move around. 


Xiamen BRT map 

The yellow line indicates the BRT line3 route. It has 13 stops running from No.1 Port to Qianpu Interchange Station. (Click map to enlarge) 


During the Christmas and New Year's Day holiday season, shoppers demand on parking at some of Xiamen’s major shopping malls can lead to driver frustration and traffic jams. Many malls and shopping centers now have bus stops close by. For shoppers wishing to avoid the traffic rush, the BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) line 3 is an ideal bus route to reach Xiamen’s major shopping malls.


The Xiamen BRT Line 3 is 18.7 kilometres long with 13 stops running from No.1 Port to Qianpu Interchange Station. The route can link you to Xiamen’s major shopping districts and makes it easy and convenient for you to move around. It runs from 06:19am until 10:30pm and there are stops close to Xiamen’s major shopping mall including the World Trade Centre Shopping Mall, Robinson's Galleria, Mingfa Commercial Centre and Ruijing Shopping Centre.


WOX has provided a table below with the travel route of BRT line 3. As you can see, there are a number of Xiamen’s major shopping areas which are well served by the BRT lines. Enjoy your Christmas shopping!



Xiamen BRT line3 travel routes





The No.1 Port

or Diyi Matou Shu Niu Zhan



Kaihe Lu Kou



Si Bei



Douxi Rd



Er Shi



Wen Zao



Railway Station






Longshan Qiao



Wo Long Xiao Cheng



Dong Fang Shan Zhuang






Qianpu Interchange Station

Or Qianpu Shu Niu Zhan



Major shopping areas along BRT line 3 in Xiamen


Railway Station stop (火车站站)


Wucun Underground Commercial Street (梧村地下商业街)

Opened on 26th April, 2010, the Wucun Underground Commercial Street is an underground shopping area with various business including a 5,000-square-meter supermarket, 158 shopping counters, cafes and drink & beverage stations. Xiamen is equipped with the ability to build an underground city and plans to build 10 underground urban complexes which will be more than 50 meters below the ground surface.


Robinsons Galleria Xiamen (罗宾森购物广场)

Located opposite to Xiamen Railway Station, Robinsons Galleria Xiamen is a comprehensive property which also includes business, leisure, entertainment, office and residential divisions that make it a prime real estate investment.


Covering an area of 450,000 square meters, the five-story Xiamen Robinsons Galleria aims to provide convenient shopping catering and recreation services to customers in Xiamen.


World Trade Centre Shopping Mall (世贸商城)

The world trade centre mall is located right next to the railway station, which offers a convenient transportation. It is an ideal place for customers and tourists to enjoy shopping, entertainment and cuisines in Xiamen.


Moreover, the food court on the 5th floor also is worth mentioning, which gathers all kinds of famous Xiamen snacks, Chinese food and exotic tastes together.


Lianban Stop (莲坂站)


Mingfa Commercial Centre (明发商业广场)

Xiamen Mingfa Shopping Mall is a large commercial complex with office, commercial properties, residential properties and hotel in Xiamen, Fujian Province. With a total GFA of 688,000 square meters, it is the largest and latest shopping mall developed by Mingfa.


Paragon Centre Shopping Mall (磐基名品中心)

Paragon Centre is dominating Xiamen’s commercial district, which is currently Fujian’s top sophisticated and high-end shopping centre for luxurious products that vary from a wide range of fashion and accessories. It is home to about 50 internationally renowned brands such as Gucci, Maxmara, and Emporio Armani. Expats will find ready-made suits, smart casual clothes, business and casual shirts, accessories, and outerwear with a good range of western sizes, particularly if they are looking for a less trendy but smart kind of look.


Hongwen Stop (洪文站)


Ruijing Shopping Centre (瑞景商业广场)

Located in the busy commercial district in Qianpu area, the Ruijing Shopping Centre is the bustling shopping center with a high-end residential community, office buildings, supermarkets, hotels and service apartments close by.


Covering an area of 87,000 square meters, the shopping center is offering a one-stop shopping experience with fashion, dining, leisure, and superb entertainment of all varieties. Over one hundred stores offer the hottest local and global brands for you to explore. Moreover, the shopping mall offers approximately 500 parking spaces.


The basement floor is for electronics, house ware and home decoration. The first floor has fashion, gift shops, sports shops and restaurants. While the second floor is for buyers wanting more affordable home options. Besides, the third floor houses a karaoke lounge.



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