Stadiums and football fields in Xiamen

Updated: 08 May 2012
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Is there really anything better than a breathtaking game in this summer? Kicking off the ball, sprinkling your sweat and screaming with your close teammates…WOX has provided a list of stadium for your reference.


Gulangyu People’s Stadium (鼓浪屿人民体育场)


Gulangyu People's Stadium in Xiamen


The People's Stadium in Gulangyu was built on 14th October, 1956, based on an old tennis court called Fan Zai Qiu Pu (番仔球埔), which was particularly used foreign residents on Gulangyu Island before 1949.


Ying Wa Shool (英华书院), which was founded in 1898 by an English missionary on Gulangyu Island, is famous for its football team. Yinghua football team usually played game with foreigners at Gulangyu People's Stadium, and attracted lots of local residents.


The Chinese Football Association has formally recognised the People’s Stadium of Gulangyu as the earliest documented official football pitch in modern China.


This year, Xiamen International Football Club is inviting 10 teams to compete in "Amoy Cup" Football Game which is set to be kicked off Saturday on 23rd June on the natural grass at Gulangyu People's Stadium.


Contact Information:

Add: Zhonghua Rd, Gulangyu Island, Xiamen /厦门鼓浪屿中华路

Tel: 0592-2060777


How to get there:

1. It costs RMB8 to take the ferry from Lundu Ferry Terminal to Gulangyu Island.

2. Then walk straight ahead after arriving on Gulangyu towards the large Banyan trees.

3. Find the musical path after 100m to the left of KFC and McDonald’s. Go to the left and you will see the start of the “Gulangyu Musical  Path” with stone musical notes every ten metres.

4. Follow the musical path for about five minutes until you arrive and are standing in front of the Gulangyu Concert Hall.

5. Turn right when you are standing in front of the Concert Hall. The musical path will continue to the left and right. Make sure you follow the path to the right!

6. Keep following the path for about three more minutes and you will see the People’s Stadium.


Below is a list of stadiums and football fields in Xiamen:


1. Gulangyu People’s Stadium (鼓浪屿人民体育场)

Add: Zhonghua Rd, Gulangyu Island, Xiamen /厦门鼓浪屿中华路

Tel: 0592-2060777


2. Xiamen Sports Center (厦门市体育中心)

Add: No.2, Tiyu Rd, Siming District, Xiamen /厦门市思明区体育路2

Tel: 0592-5399100


3. People’s Stadium of Xiamen (厦门人民体育场)

Add: Inserction between Xiahe Rd and Douxi Rd, Siming District, Xiamen /厦门厦禾路与斗西路交汇处


4. Xiamen University’s Xia Xuan Chang Football Field (下弦场) and Yanwu Field (演武场)

Add: Inside XMU, No.422, Siming Nan Rd, Siming District, Xiamen /厦门市思明区思明南路422

Tel: 0592-2186110


5. Xiamen Binhai Club (滨海俱乐部)

Add: Between Jinshan Hailian and Jingzhou Park, Huandao Nan Rd, Xiamen /厦门市环岛南路金山海恋与景州乐园中间

Tel: 0592-2135558


6. Jinjiting Stadium (金鸡亭体育场)

Add: Inside Jinjiting Community, Xiamen /厦门市金鸡亭小区

Tel: 0592-8266098


7. Xiamen Medical College Football Field (厦门医高专足球场)

Add: No. 8, Yanqian Rd, Xiamen /厦门市岩前路8

Tel: 0592-2103086


8. Huli Middle School (湖里中学)

Add: No.10, Nanshan Rd, Xiamen /厦门市南山路10

Tel: 0592-5676203


9. Hubin Middle School (湖滨中学)

Add: No.1, Hubin Nan Rd San Li, Xiamen /厦门市湖滨南路三里1


10. Caitang Football Field (蔡塘灯光球场)

Add: Lvling Rd, next to Gu Di Shi in Cai Tang Village, opposite to Wanke real estate /厦门市吕岭路北侧蔡塘村古地石与万科地产相对

Tel: 0592-3650290, 15280280290


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