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Updated: 06 Dec 2012
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Explore Xiamen with WOX
Follow WOX Monthly Focus to explore Xiamen’s most popular areas for dining, shopping, entertainment and other fun activities!

In Xiamen, there are many business districts such as Hubinbei/Marco Polo area, Bank Centre area and Zhongshan Road area, and areas with big shopping malls, such as Huli Wanda Plaza, SM Malls, Railway Station area, Lianban/Mingfa area, and California Plaza area. There are also other popular areas such as Xiamen University area, Hubinxi area, Hubinnan/Electronic Centre area, and Lianhua area.

These areas are popular either for their one-stop shopping, dining, entertainment services or their convenient and well-established living facilities. 
WOX Monthly Focus will be taking the editorial team to a different geographical area of Xiamen each month. The explorative reporting and editorials will cover news, happenings, guides, and information about each area. Approximately 30 articles will be written, compiled or collected a month with the aim of publicizing both the well-known and the hidden gems in each area. Each month, the preparations will start on the 21st, and the publishing will start on the 1st.

If you (WOX’s readers or members) wish to participate in this great new feature, by sharing your valuable information and insight with the community in Xiamen, you can contribute by
sending in your reports of news, happenings, guides or information on the area of that month. 
Every month, WOX will post a short notice in 'member news' before the preparation date, then you (WOX's readers or members) can send in articles. If your article is selected by WOX, 400 points will be awarded to your WOX ID.
The following is a list of the WOX Monthly Focus areas in 2013.
1. Hubinxi/South East Asian Food street/No 1 Port area – January
2. Hubinnan/Bailuzhou/Computer City area – February
3. Huli Wanda Plaza area / Xianyue Mountain area - March
4. Haiwan Park/Dongdu/International Ferry Terminal area – April
5. Xiamen Train Station area - May
6. Lianban/Mingfa Shopping Mall area – June
7. Zhongshan Road/Lundu area – July
8. Hubinbei/Marco Polo area – August
9. Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition area – September
10. California Plaza & Ruijing area– October
11. Wuyuan Bay/ Lifespace Shopping Mall area – November
12. Xiamen University area – December

List of the WOX Monthly Focus areas in 2014

1. Xiamen North Railway Station area
2. Xiamen Airport area
3. Wuyuan Bay Lifespace Shopping Mall area
4. Lianhua & Jiangtou area
5. Haicang Too Aluohai City Plaza area 
6. Huli Metro/Xianglu Hotel area
7. Bank Centre CBD area
8. Hexiangxi Road area
9. Hubian Reservoir area
10. Huli Park area
11. Jimei New Town
12. Tong’an Binhai New Town, 
Stay tune on WOX Monthly Focus!
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Wuyuan Bay Lifespace Shopping Mall area
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Hubinbei / Marco Polo area 
WOX Monthly Focus for July 2013

Zhongshan Road Pedestrian Street / Lundu area
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Lianban / Mingfa Commercial Plaza area
WOX Monthly Focus for May 2013   

Xiamen Railway Station area
WOX Monthly Focus for April 2013
Haiwan Park/Dongdu/Int'l Cruise Terminal area 
WOX Monthly Focus for March 2013
Huli Wanda Plaza / Xianyue Mountain area
WOX Monthly Focus for February 2013
WOX Monthly Focus for January 2013 
WOX Monthly Focus for December 2012
SM Lifestyle Center & SM City Xiamen area
SOURCE: WOX Editorial Team
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