Warm up your winter with hot pot around SM City Xiamen area

Updated: 09 Dec 2012
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Chinese hot pot
Chinese hot pot (file photo)
As winter season arrives and the temperature drops, the best time of the year to enjoy hot pot is coming again!

In China, hot pot comes with a vast variety of soups and ingredients.

As far back as the Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907), hot pot was already popular. The basic idea is to have a steaming pot of soup in the centre of the table surrounded by platters of thinly sliced meats and vegetables that can be cooked by either dipping them or letting them sit for a few minutes in the hot broth.

Xiamen hot pot features fresh seafood, green vegetables, and various fish balls or meat balls.

Here are some of our picks of restaurants around the SM City Xiamen area where diners can sit around a steaming, boiling pot and enjoy a truly traditional Chinese eating experience
Chan Good
1) 战锅策 Chan Good
Opening hours: 10:00-14:30 17:00-21:30
Venue/ Add: 5F, SM Lifestyle Centre/ No, 399, Jiahe Road
Tel: 0592-5231717
spicy hotpot
2) 晶殿麻辣锅 Spicy Hotpot
Opening hours: 11:00-04:00
Add: No.136 Xingshan Road
Tel: 0592-5239577
two ye
3) 二爷饕锅 Two Ye Hot Pot & Teppanyaki
Opening hours: 11:00-22:00
Tel: 0592-5057778
Venue/ Add: B Zone, 5F, SM Lifestyle Center/ No, 399, Jiahe Road
4) 黄记煌三汁焖锅 HuangJiHuang Three-Sauce Simmer Pot
Tel: 0592-5595256
Venue/ Add: 5F, SM City Xiamen/ No.468 Jiahe Road 
Sunshine Palm
5) 阳光棕榈 Sunshine Palm
Venue/ Add: 2F, SM City Xiamen/ No.468 Jiahe Road
Tel: 0592-5522645
Chongqing little swan
6) 重庆小天鹅 Chongqing Little Swan
Opening hours: 10:00-21:30
Tel: 0592-5595539
Venue/ Add: 5F, SM City Xiamen, No.468 Jiahe Road
7) 六千馆 6000 Flavors Joyous Reunions
Opening hours: 11:00-14:30 16:30-22:00
Tel: 0592-2976000 5108228
Venue/ Add: 4F, SM City Xiamen/ No.468 Jiahe Road
SOURCE: WOX News by Sid Wu
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