Xiamen Wanda International Cinema at SM Lifestyle Center

Updated: 14 Dec 2012
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Xiamen Wanda International Cinema, the only cinema in SM Xiamen
Located at the 3rd floor in the Sapphire building of SM Lifestyle Center, the Xiamen Wanda International Cinema is a five-star cinema giving you a perfect movie time in the town. It is the only cinema in SM Xiamen, a newly-formed high-end shopping venue, which opened its doors in October 2009 and quickly became a new stylish icon in Xiamen. 

Covering a floor area of over 7,000sqm, the cinema has 7 luxury screens and a super-luxury VIP screen. With 9 meter high walls in each room and row-to-row distance of 1.2 meters, moviegoers are entitled to enjoy perfect view and pleasing personal space. Equipped with advanced digitalized projection apparatus and wall-to-wall giant screen, the cinema will make you feel like being part of the characters in the film. 

It also features many amenities including disabled-friendly lanes and smart lockers. Many leisure snacks such as imported popcorns, Haagen-Daz ice cream and various cold or warm drinks are available at its shop.
Benefits you can enjoy at the cinema:
      Moviegoers who book for VIP screen tickets can check in 30 minutes earlier to enjoy complimentary imported food, coffee, wine and more.
      Movie Tickets are half price on Tuesdays (tickets for VIP screen excluded)
      Child below 1.3 meters tall, accompanied by an adult, can get free admission (extra children should buy the tickets)
      50% off for 24-year-old students or younger who book for normal movie tickets
Note: the last 3 benefits are not available on special occasions, such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas Day and fans meetings.
So far, there are two Wanda cinemas on Xiamen Island
1) SM Store (万达影城新生活广场店)
Add: 3F, Sapphire, SM Lifestyle Centre, No. 399, Jiahe Road, Xiamen
Tel: 0592-5102020, 5379808, 5337918
Operating hour:08:00-24:00
2) Huli Store (万达影城湖里店): So far, the one and only cinema in Xiamen with IMAX screen
Add: 4F, Wanda Plaza, No.4666, Xianyue Road, Huli District, Xiamen
Tel: 0592-2366999
Operating hour: 08:00-24:00
SOURCE: WOX Info by Sanmao Lin
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