4 restaurants you can't miss around SE Asian Food Street area

Updated: 19 Jan 2013
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There are lots of great restaurants around South East Asian food street along Huaqiao Haijing Cheng, an area of downtown Xiamen that is well known for its thriving catering industry. Whether you are craving Western cuisine, Japanese food or Chinese hot pot, you will surely find something to satisfy. WOX has explored some of the restaurants and determined four of the best in the area for our readers.
Pier 9 (玖号码头)
Pier 9 offers creative Western fusion cuisine in the heart of downtown Xiamen
Bacon Wrapped Chicken Roll with Goose Liver (L) and Tomahawk Steak 
Pier 9 offers tasty and creative Western fusion cuisine in a ultra-classy nautical-themed environment.

Their extensive menu features culinary classics from many different Western countries: From juicy 'Tomahawk’ Beef Steak to silky Italian Cheese; tender German Trotter to fresh Bouillabaisse; tasty Grilled Salmon to flavorful Mediterranean Grilled Vegetables and crispy Mexican Tacos to refreshing Waldorf Salad.

The restaurant is also an ideal place for business lunches as it offers several multi-course meals with mains including Curry Beef with Rice, Spaghetti with Bacon & Cream Sauce, Grilled Salmon and Beef Steak, with prices starting from RMB 48.
Price: RMB80-100/person
Tel: 0592-2287299
Add: No. 9 Hexiangxi 2 Road, Xiamen (Huaqiaohaijingcheng located along Lujiangdao)
Izakaya Katsu (居酒屋-胜)
Tuna Sashimi (L) and Tuna Domburi

Run by Japanese businessman Katsuyama Ryo, Katsu is an "Izakaya" style restaurant with the rustic warmth of a country style restaurant that serves all the Japanese favourites. Customers will be able to watch their food being prepared if sitting at the counter seats.

Their three experienced chefs have developed a menu offering many mouth-watering choices - sushi, sashimi, tempura and domburi. The owner of the restaurant also goes back to Japan to purchase the freshest ingredients every month. Although portions are smaller and prices a bit higher, the food is tasty and they have great sake (Japanese rice liquor), beer and free Wi-fi.

Price: RMB 90-110/person
Add: 12 of No.95, Huaqiao Haijingcheng,Hexiang Xi Er Road
Tel: 0592-2210017

Golden Elephant Bay Thai Restaurant (金象湾泰国餐厅)
Cury Crab and Fired Kedney Bean
Founded in 2004, Golden Elephant Bay was the first Thai restaurant in Xiamen. The restaurant quickly grew to be a favorite among locals and there are now 5 branches in Xiamen.

Golden Elephant Bay offers an elegant and glamorous dining environment with exotic wooden sculptures from Thailand and waitresses dressed in traditional Thai costumes. Recommendations from the menu include Curry Crab, Tom Yum Kung hot pot, Deboned Chicken Feet and Fried Kidney Bean.

Price: RMB100/person
Tel: 0592-2387999, 2385477
Address: 1 of No.91, Huangqiao Haijingcheng Hexiang Xi Er Road

Shisanxiang (Thirteen Spices) Hot Pot (拾叁香顶级鸳鸯锅)
Out of all of the hot pot restaurants that are popping up in the area, Shisanxiang stands out due to its all-you-can-eat offer. You can choose a soup base and then gorge on all the hot pot items you want, as much as you can handle. The quality of meat and vegetables is good and the environment is excellent. Angus beef and Haagen-Dazs ice cream are available.

Price: Mon-Fri lunch RMB138/person, dinner and weekend RMB168/person
Tel: 0592-2687399
Address: 25-27, Huaqiao Haijingcheng, Hexiangxi Er Lu

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SOURCE: WOX Food by Anini
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