Imported food stores around Xiamen Hubinxi Road Area

Updated: 30 Jan 2013
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Xiamen’s leisurely lifestyle and exquisite environment has helped attract an increasing number of expats to the city to study, work and live. However, living in Xiamen has until now been a bit of challenge for a visitor or newcomer when it comes to finding international goods. Purchasing imported goods is the only way to get a true taste of home, but where can high quality imported groceries be found?

Xiamen’s Hubinxi Road Area has become a gathering place for large numbers of expats. In order to help those international friends in Xiamen to get a true taste of home, a number of imported food stores have been popping up around the area.
1. Tastylife Supermarket
Tastylife, a supermarket which has the most extensive selection of imported grocery items in the Xiamen Hubinxi Road Area, is bound to be mentioned in any conversation about where to find imported food in Xiamen. Good service and a well-stocked selection of western groceries have proved a great formula for success. More than 80% of its goods are imported from Germany, France, Italy, USA, Switzerland, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and other counties and regions. The items range from organic vegetables, cheese, bacon, wine, frozen food, leisure food, breakfast food, spices, condiments, canned food and family necessities.

Add: 16# 109, Xidi Nanli, Siming District (next to Porsche Centre Xiamen Lujiang)
Tel: 0592-2231080
2. Weltfood Imported Grocery Store
Tastylife is not alone in its efforts to import a wider selection of goods. A variety of retailers are stocking more imported products to cash in on the demand from foreign residents and locals looking to diversify their diet. Weltfood is a specialty foods shop. Unlike Tastylife, Weltfood mainly offers goods from around Southeast Asia with some American and European selections sprinkled in.

Add: No.91, He Xiang Xi Er Road, Siming District
3. 0.02 Percent Imported Food Store (Baifen- Green Town)
Green Town is a Taiwanese-owned store and mainly carries packaged health and organic foods from Taiwan. Now the name of the store has been changed into 0.02 Percent due to the management replacement. If you are health-conscious and keen on Taiwan snacks, maybe this small shop can be the top choice for you.

Add: No. 26-30, Dou Zai Wei Road, Siming District (next to Dou Zai Wei bus station)
Tel: 0592-2221620 
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