Drive-in movie theaters in Xiamen

Updated: 21 Feb 2013
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The world’s first drive-in movie theater was built in the backyard of an American man named Richard Milton Hollingshead, Jr. in 1933, who came up the idea while finding a comfortable place for his mother to watch a movie. In the 1980s, this special type of movie theater became popular in many countries.
Drive-in movie theaters are not only a place for family recreation, but also great for a couple to share romantic times. And unlike normal theaters, you can cuddle and whisper without annoying anyone else in total privacy. If you want to give it a try in Xiamen, here are two drive-in movie theaters in Xiamen for your reference.
      Xiajinwan Drive-in Movie Theater
Located in Guanyinshan Business Street, the Xiajinwan Drive-in Movie Theater has a huge screen of 12m*8m, and an advanced Barco DP2K-20C digital player. It can accommodate nearly 100 cars, and the movies are the latest releases from around the world. 2 movies will be played each night, and the average cost is around 100RMB per movie.
Away from the city, the theater is located in the beautiful Huandao Road, along the sea, in a huge outdoor space.
Add: 1.5km from the airport, along the Guanyinshan Business Street, Huandao East Road
Business hours: 20:0024:00
Price: RMB 100/movie
Tel: 0592-5502919
      Haitian Aijia Drive-In
Covering an area of ‌‌20,000 square meters, Haitian Aijia Drive-In has space for 300 cars and boasts a 19m*8m outdoor screen. Starting from 7:30 pm, it shows two films consecutively every night. The admission fee is 70 yuan per movie, with 50% off on Tuesdays.
Add: Red Star Macalline Global Home Furnishings Square, Wuyuan Bay, No. 63, Zhongzhai Road
Business hours: 19:30--24:00
Price: RMB 70/movie (half price on Tuesdays)
Tel: 0592-2177778 / 0592-2177779
SOURCE: WOX Info by Sanmao Lin 
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kungfupanda Commented on 14 Mar 2013
It is a great price if it's per car. I imagine the next service will be a car rental by the hour for young people so they can have the true western experience of going to the drive-in to make out!
ozgal Commented on 21 Feb 2013
These prices are per person or per car/vehicle?