A dining guide around Bailuzhou Park

Updated: 07 Mar 2013
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With stunning lake views, lush lawns and lots of trees, the dining scene around Bailuzhou Park is one of the best in Xiamen thanks to its perfect combination of amazing environment and excellent food. Restaurants in the area offer diverse menus from from local seafood to international fusion cuisine - here are some of the best.
Chi-All-day Dining Restaurant at Pullman Xiamen Powerlong 宝龙铂尔曼自助餐厅
The Chi-All-day Dining Restaurant on the first floor of Pullman Xiamen Powerlong offers freshly prepared dishes from around the world, in addition to an extensive “a la carte” menu and impressive selection of world wines.
The Japanese cuisine area is one of the highlights of Chi-All-day Dining Restaurant. They serve tableside baked fresh oysters, scallops and assorted barbecue, live fried tempura with special sauce and a large collection of sashimi and sushi. An extensive selection of hot dishes from China and West is available. The show kitchen uses high-quality olive oil to marinate fresh meat in order to keep the meat tender and delicious. Health and good taste come together easily with organic fresh fruits and vegetables.

With cutting edge décor and uncompromising service, Chi-All-day Dining Restaurant offers a relaxing yet sophisticated atmosphere. The restaurant has a total of over 170 public dining seats and 1 private VIP room.

Add: 133 Hubin Zhong Lu
Chinese add: 湖滨中路133号
Tel: 0592-5188888

Crossover 融绘越界食尚餐饮
Basa fillet baked with vheese (L) and pork fillet and wild amaranth soup
One of the most popular fusion restaurants in town, and unsurprisingly so. The creative chef has come up with a healthy and tempting menu blending together classic cooking techniques from China and many other countries.

The specialty here is the Basa Fillet Baked with Cheese, which is incredibly tender and flavourful. Another unforgettable option is the fresh pork fillet and wild amaranth soup.
Add: 1F, Jinyuan Building, No.57, Hubinnan Rd. (Close to Hubinnan Coach Station)
Chinese add: 湖滨南路57号金源大厦1楼(近滨南长途汽车站)
Tel: 0592-2221577
Revolving Restaurant of Minnan Hotel闽南大酒店旋转餐厅
The Revolving Restaurant is located on the 34th floor of the Minnan Hotel. The high altitude of the restaurant gives breathtaking views of Yundang Lake and Hubin Nan Road down below, and the restaurant is unique in that it revolves.

It is one of the best places to enjoy Cantonese cuisine in Xiamen. Here you’ll find an array of Dim Sum classics like Abalone Shao-Mai, Shrimp Rice Noodle Rolls and Steamed Pork Ribs. The restaurant also offers a fantastic buffet which consists of local cuisine alongside favourite international dishes.

Address: 34F, Minnan Hotel, No. 26-34, Hubin Nan Road, Xiamen
Chinese add: 湖滨一里26-34号闽南大厦34楼闽南大酒店内
Tel: 0592-5181188-6206

Shuyou Seafood Restaurant 舒友海鲜大酒楼
Shuyou Seafood Restaurant has one of the freshest seafood selections in Xiamen where you can take your pick of scallops, lobsters and crabs.

As well as seafood, the restaurant offers a wide variety of Chinese cuisines including authentic Xiamen cuisine, Cantonese cuisine and so on. The restaurant's talented chef is skilled at making vegetables crunchy and flavorful and meat tender and juicy.

Add: Building A, No.1, Bailuzhou Dong Rd.
Chinese add: 思明区白鹭洲东路1号A座(宝龙大酒店对面)
Tel: 0592-5330888, 5060199

COYOTE Cafe & Cantina 墨西哥餐厅
Coyote Mexican Restaurant is located right on the bank of Yundang Lake of Bailuzhou Park
Coyote Cafe is a Mexican-style restaurant, located beside Yundang Lake at Hubin Bei Area in Xiamen. The restaurant has very relaxing atmosphere overlooking the lake.

They serve Mexican food, great Margaritas and some special items that, while not Mexican, are hugely popular with their loyal customers such as UK Style Fish & Chips, Pizza, Hamburgers and Hot Dogs.

Their cheesecake is recommended for dessert, while the Mojito is probably the pick of the drinks. They usually give a 50% discount on cocktails from 5:30pm to 7:30pm on Saturdays.

Add: Ganglong Garden, No.58-2 Yundang Rd
Chinese add: 员当路58-2港龙花园
Tel: 0592-5046623
SOURCE: WOX Food by Anini
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