3 great restaurants on Xianyue Mountain in Xiamen

Updated: 01 Mar 2013
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Located on the border of Huli District and Siming District, Xiamen’s Xianyue Mountain is known for its beautiful scenery, historical Buddhist temples and excellent sports facilities. Standing at 212.12 metres, it is the highest peak in central Xiamen and the only scenic spot which overlooks the two busiest districts of the city.

However, exploring Xianyue Moutain is about much more than stunning views and breathtaking hiking trails. The restaurants on the mountain offer great dining experiences after hiking in the mountains.
Latest recipe
Despite its serene location on the hillside of Xianyue Moutain, the place is one of the most popular buffet restaurants in Xiamen.

Located on the first floor of Le Meridien Xiamen, Latest Recipe caters to a range of palates with its diverse array of carefully prepared, innovative versions of classics as well as intriguing international selections infused with seasonal local ingredients. The restaurant offers live cooking stations positioned throughout the restaurant where guests will find cuisine from China, Thailand, India, and Malaysia as well as Middle East, plus Western favourites like sushi, pasta, roasts and grills, with ingredients and selections changing according to the seasonal market.
The restaurant offers a spacious interactive dining area as well as al fresco seating facing the lush green hills. After the meal, you can enjoy a stroll around to explore the hotel’s extensive landscaping, paths and structured gardens that reflect the subtropical feel of Xiamen.

Le Mei

As the signature Chinese restaurant of Le Meridiren hotel, Le Mei offers authentic Cantonese cuisine in a chic and serene environment on the 2nd floor of the Le Meridien Xiamen.
Le Mei Chinese restaurant offers authentic Cantonese and Chao Zhou cuisine transformed into modern interpretations to delight the palate and senses.
The restaurant has a dim sum menu featuring an array of crowd-pleasing classics like shrimp dumplings with bamboo shoots, barbecued pork rice rolls, braised fresh squid with curry and crispy durian pastry puff. On the menu you’ll also find innovative Chinese delicacies such as Stir-fried Scallops in XO Sauce, Soy-Marinated Fish and Pickled Yellow Croaker topped with Flying Fish Roe.
Those customers wanting a complete Chinese dining experience will be happy to learn that the restaurant offers an extensive wine list featuring Chinese spirits and Western wines.

Zhuyuange Vegetarian Restaurant
Want a healthy, savoury vegetarian meal after visiting the temples? Zhuyuange Vegetarian Restaurant, located next to the Tianzhuyan Temple, would be a great choice.

Unlike other vegetarian restaurants, Zhuyuange doesn’t serve mock meat dishes. All the dishes here are prepared from natural ingredients such as mushrooms, fresh fruits and vegetables as well as various kinds of nuts. The restaurant offers a tantalizing menu blending authentic Xiamen cuisine, spicy Sichuan cuisine and delicate Guangdong cuisine.
The interior of restaurant is filled with antique oriental furniture, exquisite copper lamps, charming potted plants and traditional decorations. The classic scent of aromatic sandalwood from the incense burner also creates a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere which will relax your mind and body.
SOURCE: WOX Food by Anini
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