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Xiamen Eight Horses Tea Co.,Ltd.

Xiamen Eight Horses Tea Co.,Ltd.


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Fujian Anxi Eight Horses Tea Co., Ltd. has originated from the time-honored brand Xinji. Our predecessor Mr. Wang is the descendant of Shirang Wang in Qing Dynasty, who discovered and cultivated "Tie Guan Yin" as the worldwide famous tea.

Now, our company has been the largest manufacturer of Anxi Tie Guan Yin tea in China. More than 370 chain stores have been set up successfully around China. We have an advanced manufacturing facility and detection lab for pesticide residues, heavy metals, microbes, and chemicals. With more than 15 years experiences in this field, our tea manufacturing management is top in China, and we have our own hereditary and proprietary blending and roasting processes.

Meanwhile, Eight Horses Tea has won many honor and prize. In the first competition of AnXi Tie Guan Yin Tea, Eight Horses Tea became the winner of Top 10 enterprises and top 10 brands. Moreover, our product has also been accredited as one of Chinese well-known trademarks, and our company has been awarded as Top 10 Chinese Tea Enterprises.

Products serials:

Green Tea:

Silver Longjing Tea;

Golden Longjing Tea;

Yuga Green tea;

Oolong Tea:

18 Du Tieguanyin Tea,oolong tea,oolong tea factory,China oolong tea;

G008 oolong tea;

oolong tea Pearl 1000;

oolong tea Pearl 2000;

oolong tea Pearl 3000;

Oolong tea Qiang Xin NO.1

Oolong tea QiangXin TianHan;

Oolong tea Tie Yun NO.1

Oolong tea Tie Yun 2000(a);

Oolong tea Yun Xiang NO.1;

Oolong tea Yun Xiang 999;

Oolong tea Yun Xiang 666 tea;