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Hua Xiang Yuan Tea

Hua Xiang Yuan Tea


No.26 Tongming Road, Tong'an Industry Zone, Xiamen
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The Price of Tea in China used to be a mystery not just to foreigners but Chinese as well-at least until 21-year-old Xiao Wenhua from Anxi revolutionized China's  ancient tea industry. Even Chinese, with the  exception perhaps of experts, could not be sure if they got what they paid for.
Wuyi's "Big Red Robe" tea, for example, is sold in shops and online for anywhere from ten dollars to thousands of dollars per pound, but in reality, with the exception of cheaper 2nd and 3rd generation grafts, this legendary tea is not sold at all.
The only way for anyone but heads of state to obtain the rare leaf is through auctions like that held in the 2nd Annual Canton Fair in 2002, where a mere 20 grams fetched 180,000 Yuan ($400,000 per pound). But Mr. Xiao’s innovative packaging, marketing and transparent pricing changed virtually every aspect of this most Chinese of industries.
Most importantly, perhaps, was his success in educating Minnan people to appreciate, and pay for, quality teas—quite a feat for a country boy who started his career in Xiamen in 1992 as a poorly paid construction laborer, mushroom salesman and failed shopkeeper!