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Pier 9 Western Restaurant

Pier 9 Western Restaurant


No. 9 Hexiangxi 2 Road, Xiamen (Huaqiaohaijingcheng located along Lujiangdao)
  • 0592-2287299
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Dive into creative Western fusion cuisine at the Pier 9, located right in the heart of downtown Xiamen.

The striking modern design will make a strong first impression as you arrive at Pier 9 Restaurant in Hexiangxi 2 Road. Further exploring the dining room, you will feel as though you are inside in a luxury cruise liner as artful use of ship woods on the wall, European-style dock arches and kerosene lamps set the tone for an alluring and comfortable atmosphere.
The two-floor restaurant is decked out with pier-themed items such big anchors, iron chains and black-and-white photographs of European ports. What’s more, it offers a separate cabin-like dining area on the second floor where you can feel it shaking like it is cruising on the sea.

Hailing from Taiwan, Mrs. Lee opened Pier 9 in May this year. Before that, she had opened two restaurants in Seattle and Taiwan. An excellent chef team, led by her husband Mr. Lee, has come out with a menu emphasizing high quality ingredients, healthy preparation methods and innovative recipes.