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Xiamen SFS Stone Co., Ltd.

Xiamen SFS Stone Co., Ltd.


14th Floor, Huisheng Building, Huijingcheng Housing, No.81 Hubinxi Road, Xiamen
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SFS is an expert manufactory based in China in the line of stone industry, with its turnover mostly from abroad.
As the main supplier for a variety of well-known projects overseas, SFS has earned and has been enjoying its reputation from Europe, Middle East, America and Asia. Supported by the share in the main quarries, S.F.S has the capacity to supply most kinds of materials available from China.
SFS has its wholly-owned factories specialized with full range of products, including raw blocks, slabs, thin tiles, vanity top, counter top, kitchen top, landscape items, monuments and craft-carving, etc. In addition to that, we are the shareholder and partner of over 200 stone workshops or plants.
SFS has mighty stock-item production ability, and rich experience to meet your tailor-made needs. SFS has been serving his clients with guaranteed quality control flow, prompt delivery and excelsior after-sales services. We provide commissioner service to each individual client. SFS is always caring your individual needs.