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Xiamen Gubar

Xiamen Gubar


Next to student apartments of Xiamen University bus stop, Zengcuo An, Xiamen
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The most fun bar in Xiamen for Foreign friends with Language exchange and music

Xiamen Gubar is located in Xiamen University student accommodation, next to ZengCuoAn Hotel. This Bar is upholstered with Train painting and graffiti in retro style, soft music and special drinks, which is not expensive, makes people comfortable when you are in this place. Gubar is the most popular bar among Xiamen university students, and different from others as it's full of love and with the youth surrounded. You can find the purest happiness from the bottom of your heart.

Gubar serves a variety of drinks such as beer, cocktail, whisky, tea, coffee and other more soft drinks at very reasonable prices.

They have events on every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday night with different theme songs. Wednesday night is the special event for foreigners.

Vedio of Foreign friends win applause for singing Chinese folk songs: