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Helen's Hangout

Helen's Hangout

(Helen's 西餐吧)

#1 Xiamen Museum Outlet : Room 104, No.483 in Siming South Road
#2 Wenyuan Road Outlet : No.56 Wenyuan Road
#3 Binlang Road Outlet : No.3 Binglang Road (Lianyi Square)
#4 Fujin Outlet : No.283 Shuanghan Road (Fujin Commercial Street)


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A chain brand owned by the Beijing Helen Catering Management Co., Ltd, Helen’s Hangout, a combination western restaurant and bar, is extremely popular amongst students from home and abroad, businessmen, white-collar workers and any anyone else who enjoys a relaxing life.

In the daytime, Helen’s Hangout is run as a western restaurant serving delicious food including pizzas, spaghetti and hamburgers. When it gets dark, the venue becomes a bar which blends elements of Southeast Asian and American culture. Customers also flock there for the promotions, and there is one for every night of the week.

Nearly 20 branches of Helen’s Hangout have been opened in major cities all over China and are especially popular amongst overseas students. It was selected by The Beijinger website as the most popular catering & bar brand among international students in China.

Aiming to become a top, nationally and internationally-recognized brand, Helen’s Hangout has plans to continue its expansion across China, and spread throughout Asia.