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Easy Rider Saloon & Music Club

Easy Rider Saloon & Music Club


No.6 Huyuan Lu(30 meters down hill of Bailu Hoteling, Xiamen, Fujian, China)
  • 18030146732
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Easy Rider plays hosts to some of the best live music in Xiamen. Some of the other bars in the city have changed over the years and have decided in a distasteful manner to turn up the volume in regards to their music. Easy Rider tries to keep it smooth but will occasional rock out with some live music.

They have one of the only official Beer-Pong Tables in all of China, if you don’t know what that is then you need to stop by and learn the hard way (It’s ping-pong without the paddles and lots of beer drinking). Easy Rider invites you to their weekly card game night with proper tables and chips. As far as food goes they have authentic American style Hot-Dogs, Nachos and BLT sandwiches on the menu as well as long a list of beers and spirits. They provide a stage for local bands to come and perform and they have an open space for the audience to watch, dance and get rowdy. Easy Rider also plays host to salsa dancing nights with experienced teachers.

With soft low lighting the wood bar and floors give Easy Rider a nice ambience that invites you to loosen up and sit down on the high quality God-Fatheresque leather chairs that are cushioned to make it the ideal place for relaxing on the weekends or after work.