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Sudu Zen Buddhism Restaurant

Sudu Zen Buddhism Restaurant


No. 866 Xiahe Road Siming District Xiamen
  • 0591 5187605 or 18020735585
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As one of Xiamen's largest vegetarian restaurants, the Sudu Zen Buddhism Restaurant is not only a restaurant that promotes vegetarian cuisine, but also preserves and promotes traditional Chinese culture.

Sudu Zen Buddhism Restaurant was opened by several Chinese Studies lovers who have a focus on health, respect for life and environmental protection. They believe that going vegetarian is a very ethical thing to do. In light of this, the environment of the restaurant has been carefully crafted to be peaceful and quiet, harmonious yet free.

While enjoying the healthy food, you can also enjoy the wonderful culture and experience inner peace. It's also a great place to meet like-minded friends.

The restaurant offers both a buffet and individually ordered dishes. All the organic vegetables are cooked with rapeseed oil.

Fulfilling social responsibilities has been a focus for the Sudu Zen Buddhism Restaurant since its opening. It holds a charity forum every week and it is the first restaurant in Xiamen to set aside "stand-by fast food" for homeless and needy people.