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 Xiamen Dakou Japanese Cuisine (Xi Di Branch)

Xiamen Dakou Japanese Cuisine (Xi Di Branch)


Shop D, South Building, Xinguang Plaza, Hubin Bei Road, Xiamen
  • 0592-5316577 5316533
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Japanese cuisine has become more popular in China andthroughout the world.  Xiamen Dakou Japanese Cuisine has been well-known in Xiamen and is quite popular among Japanese food lovers.

Japanese cuisine has developed over the past 3,000 years with strong influences from Chinese,Korean and Western food. It uses traditional cooking techniques and preparationstyles such as raw (sashimi), grilled, simmered (sometimes called boiled),steamed, deep-fried, dressed, and pickled to form what nowadays can bedescribed as Japanese cuisine.

Witha pleasant dining environment,  Xiamen Dakou Japanese Cuisine offers diners aselection of Japanese dishes such as Miso Soup, Salmon Sashimi, Tempura,Grilled Eel, sushi, etc…as well as Japanese Sake.