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DeYiTang Traditional Chinese Medical Nursing Center

DeYiTang Traditional Chinese Medical Nursing Center


No.54-4 Yundang Road, lakefront store of the Ganglong Huayuan Residential Community (Near Marco Polo Hotel)
  • 0592-5311658/ 0592-5066776
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DeYiTang Traditional Chinese Medical Nursing Center

DeYiTang Traditional Chinese Medical Nursing Center was founded in 2004. It is a sub-health nursing center which offers traditional Chinese Massage, suspended moxibustion treatment that strengthensyang-qi, Chinese essential oil meridian massages, physical therapy and personal health care.

The center, which was the earliest to offer the most systematic traditional moxibustion treatment in Xiamen, is mainly characterized by one kind of Chinese traditional moxibustion treatments - the suspended moxibustion treatment that strengthens yang-qi.

By using the suspended moxibustion treatement, the center integrates configuration, mentality, qi, strength and “fire” in the patient. The center advocates a method of strengthening yang-qi by 1. burning moxa around the patient, 2. softening the configuration by using direct fire, 3. activating the qi by fire, and 4. protecting the spirit by qi, so as to stimulate people’s instincts to cultivate health naturally.

The center, decorated in traditional Chinese style, has a peaceful and elegant environment. Here, you can escape the noisy modern metropolis and enjoy your life in peace.

All physicians in DeYiTang specialize in acupuncture and moxibustion, massage and traditional Chinese medical science and have rich clinical experience, with all of them holding the required certificates for treating patients effectively and safely.

Nursing range of DeYiTang includes:

Headneck and shoulder waist and legspleen and stomach male and female health cultivation.

Address of DeYiTang

Binbei branch: No.54-4 Yundang Road,lakefront storeof the Ganglong Huayuan Residential Community (NearMarco Polo Hotel)
reservation number: 0592-5311658

Gugong branch: junction of Gugong Road and Hexiangxi Road, Siming District, Xiamen, China (across the street diagonally from ICBC)
reservation number: 0592-5066776