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Port Coffee

Port Coffee


Shapowei Art Zone, 60 Daxue Road, Siming District, Xiamen
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Port Coffee

Port Coffee, a Cafe of refreshing style newly opened in West Zone, Shapowei, delights the senses with an energetic ambiance, gracious service and delectable menus.

The creation of the store name was inspired by the location of Shapowei as the former sheltering port for fishing ships, and the store was made by revamping two ship containers to form the current exterior appearance, while the interior design is bright and was made, with the industrial style of a scratched and completed drib and drab, by its owners.

The Cafe is owned and managed by a team of four ladies, two professionals in the food industry who also run the famous Lanren Restaurant in Zengcuo'an, and two writers who have engaged in food and travel writing for years. Their experience has become their culinary muse for designing the final menu: fresh to eat, free to go, and fusion to share. Port Coffee was once containers, but it is now far beyond just containers. It is both a destination and a neighborhood gem for casual dining, weekend brunch and intimate dates. It also has a bar to serve fine cocktails and it is a wonderful place for a group get-together after art events in West Zone.

The Executive Chef - Deng Cheng: Deng was the former Sous Chef of The House and the former Executive Chef of Lanren Restaurant. He has been working as a chef for over 8 years.

The Bartender - A Luo: is a post- 1990s girl with an independent spirit. She has over 3 years of experience in mixing, garnishing and serving drinks in keeping with bar's specifications, and she has demonstrated her ability to keep the bar organized, stocked and clean. Shelooks cool but active and she’s actually quite funny, and always welcoming in manner.